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Founded in the year 1961, the ‘ORYZA’ is an international journal on rice, published quarterly by the Association of Rice Research Workers (ARRW), Central Rice Research Institute, Cuttack 753006, Orissa, India. It intends to foster rice research for widening the horizons of rice science and to increase rice production and productivity. It is open to all the scientists engaged in rice research.

Till mid-sixties, India was importing food grains to meet its internal demands. In fact, during 1961-65, the country imported 25.4 million tons of food grains through a PL-480 plan. During this deficit period, for quick dissemination of research information’s amongst the rice scientists of the country and abroad, to help increase rice production, the of Rice Research Workers (ARRW) was founded in 1961, under the Presidentship of Dr. R.H. Richharia, the then Director, Central Rice Research Institute, Cuttack.