Mission and vision

The Association of Rice Research Workers (ARRW) is a nonprofit, non-political organization that promotes innovative agricultural research and capacity building for sustainable development of rice science across the globe. It strives to empower the scientists to help overcome hunger, poverty and a degraded environment through better agriculture.

“ORYZA-An International Journal on Rice” is the only international journal on rice science since 1961, a testimony of its persistent contribution to sustainable food security and reduce poverty in developing countries through scientific research articles and research-related activities in the fields of rice agriculture, rice based farming and cropping systems. It scales up innovative research for increased productivity to benefit in terms of food security, better nutrition, higher income and improved management of natural resources.

“ORYZA-An International Journal on Rice” is a quarterly international journal that disseminates peer reviewed articles on state of art knowledge on innovative research designed to confront global and regional issues of multi-dimensional challenges. Besides the publication of the journal “ORYZA-An International Journal on Rice”, the ARRW is positioned to rapidly deliver new technologies and new knowledge by periodically holding national and international seminars and symposia to ensure significant gains in terms of reduced hunger and improved incomes for small farmers yet safeguarding biodiversity, pro-environment farming, food policies, germplasm improvement, technology and tools to provide best-in-class services to the clients

The ARRW has the unique convening power, it invites review articles from subject stalwarts, it holds influential events periodically to publish quality and valued articles that has proved its scalable growth in providing turn key solutions to rice management practices encountering biotic and abiotic stress situations besides implementing best practices under the present vagaries and vicissitudes of global climate change.

It has more than 758 Members across the country and abroad. It’s main office functions at the ICAR - National Rice Research Institute, Cuttack, Odisha, India having its Executive Council and a strong network of councilors spread over various regions of the country. The present website of the ARRW will give an overview of the multifarious activities it undertakes besides archives on current and past published issues, seminar proceedings etc.

The journal “ORYZA-An International Journal on Rice” has acquired a career promoting scholarly grade of 4.44 by National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NASS), New Delhi an autonomous body, a proof of its status and potential par excellence.