Validation of a simple and rapid method of DNA extraction for marker assisted breeding in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

The recent advancement of DNA marker technology and molecular breeding strategies are now available to plant breeders and geneticists that overcome many of the problems faced during conventional breeding. The practical utility of Marker assisted selection lies in selecting large number of plants based on a few tightly linked markers for the trait(s) of interest. Polymerase Chain Reaction is one of the most widely used technologies in marker assisted breeding for DNA amplification and genotyping. The high cost of Marker assisted selection continues to be a major obstacle for its adoption for some crop species and plant breeding in developing countries till today. A simple and rapid method of DNA extraction is a prerequisite for successful marker assisted breeding programme. The DNA extraction is often the most time consuming, laborious and expensive step in marker assisted breeding programs. The rapid and simple procedure of DNA extraction is needed, especially when hundreds of samples need to be analyzed in marker assisted selection. In the present study, a simple and rapid method for extraction of DNA was successfully validated in rice. The method is very simple, rapid, reliable and safe without the need to use expensive chemicals and laboratory apparatus. It is especially suitable for foreground selection during marker assisted backcross breeding. This makes it very attractive for use in marker assisted selection in smaller labs where minimal resources are available.