An assessment of early generation genetic variability and correlation for yield and quality traits in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

The second filial generation of cross WGL 14 X CO47 was evaluated for its genetic potential of segregation during kharif 2018. The data were recorded on seven biometrical traits viz., days to flowering, plant height, panicle length, number of tillers/plant, number of productive tillers/plant, duration and single plant yield and three grain quality traits viz., grain length, grain breadth and length- breadth ratio.Wide range of variability was observed in number of tillers/plant, number of productive tillers/plant and single plant yield. The range for the characters days to 50 % flowering, number of productive tillers per plant, panicle length, single plant yield and duration expressed higher variations and offered scope for selection.The phenotypic variability is high in the population studied in comparison with genotypic variability conferring that environmental influence is present for the expression of traits. These characters have also manifested high heritability estimates with low or medium genetic advance as percent of mean. Correlation studies revealed that single plant yield exhibited a ,positive association with the number of productive tillers/plant, plant height and panicle length. The traits viz., days to 50 % flowering, grain length, grain breadth and grain length breadth ratio recorded negative association with single plant yield.Selection of entries based on number of productive tillers on positive side can improve single plant yield in this population.