Role of adjuvants in the efficacy of insecticides against insect pests of rice

Role of neem oil, APSA-80 and neem seed powder as adjuvants in increasing the efficacy of commonly used insecticides was studied against different insect pests of rice. Efficacy of insecticides at their recommended doses, i.e. Monocrotophos, chlorpyriphos, phosphamidon as foliar sprays @ 0.5 kg a.i. ha-1 and carbofuran, phorate as granular applications @ 1 kg a.i. ha-1 were compared with adjuvants mixed with half the dose of insecticide. Neem oil combination of insecticides as foliar spray was found most effective against brown plant hopper (BPH), yellow stem borer (YSB) and gundhi bug. Combination of APSA-80 also enhanced the efficacy to the level of only insecticide treatment but was inferior to the neem oil combination. Neem seed powder combination with insecticide granules was found effective against YSB and BPH but not against gundhi bug.