Submergence tolerant lines for flash flood affected areas of Assam

Submergence is one of the major abiotic stresses under rainfed lowland situation, which adversely affect the rice production and productivity. Three crosses (Pankaj / FR13 A, Mahsuri/ FR13A and Manoharsali/ FR13A) using FR13A, a submergence tolerant donor were made during year 1990. Nine submergence tolerant lines viz., TTB202-3, TTB202-4, TTB202-16, TTB202-22, TTB202-25, TTB202-33, TTB202-34, TTB202-43 and TTB202-45 have been developed from the cross Pankaj. Among these, three lines were selected on the basis of multilocation testing during the year 2000. These lines could be exploited to improve production and productivity of rice in flood prone areas of Assam.