Genetic variability and character association in early maturing rice

Genetic parameter and correlation of 12 quantitative traits including the grain yield were studied in forty four extra early and early maturing rice genotypes. High estimates of genotypic coefficient of variation were recorded for grain yield plant-1, flag leaf area and grain L/B ratio. Estimates of heritability in broad sense were observed to be high for flag leaf area, 1000-grain weight, grain L/B ratio, days to 50 per cent flowering and grains panicle-1. High heritability coupled with high genetic advances as per cent mean were recorded for grain yield plant-1, flag leaf area, grain L/B ratio, spikelets panicle-1 and days to 50 per cent flowering. Grain yield palnt-1 exhibited highly significant and positive correlation with fertile grains panicle-1, grains panicle-1, 1000-grain weight, panicle length, flag leaf area and spikelets panicle-1.

Author : A.K. Sharma and R.N. Sharma