Physiological efficiency of rice hybrids under irrigated condition of Orissa

Eight rice hybrids (CRHR 1, CRHR 4, CRHR 5, PHB 71, DRRH 1,PA 6201, PA 6444 and KRH 2) both released and pre-release along with two local checks(Naveen and IR 64) were grown under field condition during wet seasons of 2002 and 2003 to analyze their physiological efficiency correlating its yield under irrigated transplanted condition of coastal Orissa. The results revealed that among the hybrids, CRHR 5, KRH 2, PA 6444 and PHB 71 were found to be most efficient with maximum leaf area index and total chlorophyll content at all the growth stages. However, CRHR 5 recorded highest grain yield (5.69 t ha-1), grain number panicle-1 (122.3) and harvest index (0.43) with moderate sterility (28.8%) and panicle number (336 m-2) at maturity.

Author : Annie Poonamand P. Swain