Evaluation of different packaging materials for safe storage of paddy seeds in coastal areas

Four different types of containers viz., cloth bag, high density polyethylene (HDPE) bag, polylined cloth bag and super bag were evaluated to identify a suitable container for safe storage of paddy seeds (cv. ADT 38). The results revealed that moisture content of seeds increased with the advancement of storage period irrespective of containers. However, the rate of increase was significantly higher in cloth bag followed by HDPE bag than poly-lined cloth bag and super bags. The results on per cent seed germination indicated that a decline in seed germination was noticed during storage. Initial mean germination level of 98 per cent was reduced to 79 per cent at the end of six months of storage. The rate of reduction in germination was significantly influenced by initial moisture content and type of storage containers. Insect and pathogen incidences also varied due to initial seed moisture level, type of storage containers and period of storage. Irrespective of containers, the pest incidence was significantly higher in high moisture containing seeds. Super bags recorded significantly lesser incidence of insects and pathogens followed by poly lined cloth bags. Thus, the seed quality declined with storage period, the rate of seed deterioration was higher at high moisture level and the storability differed with type of storage container. Seeds with low moisture content stored in super bags or poly-lined cloth bags performed better in storability under coastal area with high relative humidity.