Effect of seedling age and submergence on chlorophyll content of rice cultivars

An experiment was conducted to investigate the impact of complete submergence of 7,10 and 15 days duration on the chlorophyll content of two flood susceptible cultivars and two flood resistant cultivars at the seedling stages(7-day old,10-day old and 15-day old). In comparison to the normal plants, total chlorophyll contents of chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b of the submerged seedlings were found to be lower at all the three growth stages of all the four cultivars.The rate of reduction of chlorophyll content during complete submergence was found to be remarkably higher in flood susceptible cultivars compared to that of resistant cultivars. However, this was more pronounced with increased duration of submergence.

Author : B.P. Das, A.T. Roy and P. Dash