Influence of integrated nutrient management on crop yield in rainfed riceniger cropping sequence

Studies on the influence of integrated nutrient management on status of micronutrients and yield of crops in rice-niger cropping sequence revealed that the availability of DTPA extractable Fe, Mn and Zn were significantly higher in the treatment of 50% N (inorganic) + 50% N (FYM) + PK (inorganic and adjusted), followed by 50% of the recommended dose of fertilizer (RDF) + 50% N FYM. Availability of DTPA Cu and hot water soluble B in soil were increased by 37.88 and 47.70% after rice and 41.98 and 50.72% after niger, respectively, over control, when 50% recommended dose of fertilizers were substituted through 50% N through FYM. However, the treatment of 50% RDF + 50% N farm yard manure (FYM) showed the highest uptake of micronutrients (DTPA extractable Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu and HWS-B) by both rice and niger crop. Besides, application of 50% RDF along with 50% N FYM significantly increased the straw (7.05 t ha-1) and grain (4.08 t ha-1) yield of wet season rice and stover (1.96 t ha-1) and seed (0.28 t ha-1) yield of dry season niger over control and RDF.