Yield potential and insect pest reaction of promising rice cultures at Cuttack, Orissa

Field trials were conducted during wet season of 2007 and dry season of 2008 at Central Rice Research Institute, Cuttack to evaluate promising rice cultures for their yield potential and insect pest reaction. During wet season of 2007, five promising cultures viz., JGL-3855, BG-380-2, DJP-1998-11-1-1-1, WGL-31996 and SKL-7-61-9-10-12 were tested with the check varieties Jaya and Naveen under need based protection and no protection situation. During dry season 2008, seven promising cultures viz., IET 10890, IET 11689, IET 17850, IET 17774, IET 11768, IET 9691 and IET 9976, were tested with check varieties Jaya and Krishna Hansa under need based protection and no protection situation. The insecticide carbofuran 1kg a.i. ha-1 was applied at 27 days after transplanting (DAT) during 2007 and 30 DAT during 2008. The result of the trial (2007) revealed that BG-380-2 performed well (2.28 t ha-1) followed by SKL-7-61-9-10-12 (2.24 t ha-1) as compared to other promising culture including Jaya (1.73 t ha-1) and Naveen (1.47 t ha-1) and During 2008, IET 10890 gave the highest grain yield (6.40 t ha-1) followed by IET 11689(5.07 t ha-1), Krishna Hansa (5.29 t ha-1) and Jaya (5.25 t ha-1) under protected condition.

Author : P. C. Rath and R. C. Dani