Pyramiding of biotic and abitoic stress genes in rice

Rice, the world’s major cereal crop, suffers severe yield losses due to biotic stresses like bacterial blight and abiotic stresses like submergence. One of the most effective and reliable method of minimization of the yield losses against these stresses is enhancement of host resistance, an economical and environment friendly approach. With the advances made in the area of molecular markers, pyramiding of genes/QTLs that confer resistance/
tolerance against these stresses is possible through marker assisted breeding. This study presents a successful pyramidization of three resistant genes of bacterial blight (xa5, xa 13, Xa21) and Sub1, a major quantitative trait loci associated submergence tolerance into Lalat, a popular genotype using marker assisted selection approach. The gene pyramids exhibited desirable levels of resistance/tolerance against the target stresses thus demonstrating the utility of MAS approach in development of resistant/tolerant cultivars in minimum time with high precision.