Identification of rice endophytes and effect of their cultural filtrates on host cultivars

Six endophytes were isolated from seeds of three long duration high yielding rice cultivars namely, Mayurkantha, Utkalprabha and Lunishree suitable for cultivation in rainfed lowland ecosystem of coastal Odisha. The six isolates included in this study were ascomycota fungi, Dendryphiella, Cladosporium, Acremonium, Valsa ambiens and Aspergillus oryzae have NCBI GenBank accession numbers viz. HM572292, HM572293, HM572295, HM572296. Isolate EN 18, isolated from the salt tolerant rice cultivar Lunishree was identified as Dendryphiella sp. which is a marine fungus.The germination percentage was not affected by the treatment with cultural filtrate of these endophytes and their metabolites present in cultural filtrates significantly enhanced length and weight of root and shoot of the rice genotypes.