Screening of breeding lines of rice for resistance against rice root-knot nematode Meloidogyne graminicola Golden and Birchfield

Screening of rice germplasm at Central Rice Research Institute showed that rice cv. Ramakrishna is tolerant and Annapurna is highly susceptible to the Cuttack population of the rice root-knot nematode under artificial infection. F2 plants of the cross Annapurna/Ramakrishna showed transgressive segregation of resistance. These F2 plants were further advanced to F8 and F9 by single-seed-descent method. Screening of F9 RILs under artificial infection conditions confirmed transgressive segregation and lead to identification of two lines, CR3003-184 and CR3003-1-186, highly resistant over the parent Ramakrishna both in reducing production of galls on the roots.