Stability analysis of quality traits in rice hybrids

Fifty two hybrid combinations were evaluated for yield and yield contributing characters over four different agro-climatic zones in Andhra Pradesh, India during dry season 2010-11. Eighteen promising hybrids from all locations viz., Maruteru, Warangal, Jagtial and Ragolu which recorded significant higher yield than check were subjected to analysis for eleven quality characters. The analysis of variance of Eberhart and Russell model indicated the genotypes and environments were significant for all the quality characters except for milling per cent for genotypes indicating the diversity among the genotypes and environments studied. The GE interaction was significant only for head rice recovery, water uptake and kernel elongation ratio and non-significant for remaining characters. The high yielding hybrid APMS 9A x MTU II-143-26-2 was stable for head rice recovery and kernel elongation ratio while APMS 10A x MTU 1071 was stable for kernel elongation ratio, alkali spreading value and amylose content.