Evaluation of rice varieties under integrated rice-fish-horticulture farming system in the rainfed lowland of Assam

Field trials were conducted during wet season 2010 and 2011at the Rainfed Lowland Rice Research Station, Gerua, Assam to evaluate suitable high yielding rice varieties for inclusion in the rice-fish-horticulture farming system. Among the rice varieties evaluated viz. Ranjit, Sabita, Pooja, Jalpriya, Mahsuri, Swarna and Swarna sub-1, Ranjit recorded the highest yield (5.18 t ha-1) in the first year, whereas Swarna recorded the highest yield
(5.26 t ha-1) in the second year. The results indicated that Ranjit, Swarna, Swarna sub-1 are suitable for the farming system.