Physical characteristics of some of the paddy varieties as affected by shelling and milling operations

Properties of material play crux role in process optimization design strategies for the development of equipments for handling, conveying, processing and storage. The improperly developed machinery if applied in any process line results in undesirable effect. Low recovery of quality milled white rice from paddy may thus also be influenced by the process of hulling and milling. The effect of shelling and milling on physical and optical properties of promising Indian long paddy varieties PUSA 1121, Muchhal, Sugandha, Shabnam and Usha were evaluated. The initial level of moisture content of selected paddy varieties was in the range of 11.6 to 13.2% (dry basis). Computer vision as a rapid, consistent and objective evaluation method has been successfully applied in the verification of dimensional properties. Dimensional comparison showed that PUSA 1121 kernel was longest and Usha as shortest rice variety. The result shows significant difference in milling characteristics and PUSA 1121 was found most affected paddy cultivars being longest grain rice variety.

Author : Y Singh and K Prasad