Screening of suitable paddy genotypes for coastal saline belt of West Bengal

A study was carried out to screen high productive salinity tolerant lines from forty-three rice genotypes. The experiment was conducted in laboratory (at 5dS m-1 and 8dS m-1) as well as in field in three locations, Baruipur (non-saline area), Sagardeep (5 to 8dS m-1) and Hingalganj (5 to 9dS m-1). Entries like Bakulpriya, Lakshmikajal, Nangalmuda, Pankaj, Bhuri and Khaersal have shown salinity tolerance both in the laboratory and field level. Furthermore quality parameters like L/B ratio, hulling percentage, volume expansion, grain type, alkali spreading value, gelatinization temperature and protein content of these varieties showing salinity tolerance were assessed and result indicated very good prospect of these entries in salt affected soil. Management strategies were designed with Hoagland nutrient solution with different herbal seed treatments to cope up with salinity stress. 

Author : S Kundu and S Kundagrami