Correlation and path co-efficient analysis for genetic response of seed yield traits at varying spacing in rice cultivars

Genotypic and phenotypic correlation and path-coefficient analysis were worked out for grain yield, seed yield and yield contributing components in rice cultivars sown at varying spacing under normal condition. Among the different characters, number of productive tillers per plant was significantly correlated with grain yield per plot in positive direction at both spacing. 1000 grain weight and grain yield per plot showed significant positive association with seed yield. Therefore, importance of 1000 grain weight should be given in getting seed recovery in rice genotypes. Path analysis further revealed that at space planting grain yield per plot showed maximum direct effect both at genotypic (0.993) and phenotypic level (1.640), its association with seed yield was also significantly positive. So, emphasis should be given on 1000 grain weight under closer spacing but both for 1000-grain weight and grain yield per plot under space planting to get higher seed recovery.