Estimation of heterosis for quality traits in rice

Heterobeltiosis and standard heterosis were studied in 32 hybrids generated by crossing 16 pollen parents with two CMS lines used as female parent. Result indicated that out of 32 hybrids , five hybrids viz., IR 79156A x IET22228, IR 79156A x Danteswari, IR 79156A x IET 22202, IR 79156A x Sarjoo-52 and Pusa 6A x Akshaya Dhan exchibited significant desirable heterosis over better parent, standard variety and standard hybrid for most of the quality traits viz., hulling recovery, kernel length, kernel breadth, kernel length breadth ratio, kernel length after cooking, kernel breadth after cooking, elongation ratio, alkali spread value and amylose content. Top two crosses for quality traits on the basis of significant positive standard heterosis over SV and SH were IR 79156A x IET22228 and IR 79156A x Danteswari. Cross combination, IR 79156A x IET 22228 showed significant negative standard heterosis over better parent (-22.61%), Standard variety (-3.60%) and Standard hybrid (-23.45%) for kernel breadth after cooking and average heterosis for kernel breadth whereas IR 79156A x Danteswari was found very low for quality traits viz., kernel breadth, kernel breadth after cooking.