Prospects of endophyllic Pseudomonas aeruginosa as a biocide against sheath blight and growth promotion of rice

Ecofriendly ecto-/endospheric plant growth promoting microbes (PGPM) and biocides would sustain rice growth and development, save from diseases and pests to keep up rice production for food security and protect the ecosphere. As the pseudomonads are most versatile microbes, the PGP and biocidal potential of a multifaceted endophyllic pseudomonad (JE1) of rice were evaluated. Phenotyping, FAME and 16S rDNA homology confirmed identity of the organism as Pseudomonas aeruginosa. The organism possessed the plant growth promotion (PGP) functions like P solubilization (536.96 μg/ml), ACC, siderophore (7.77 mg/g dr. wt.), antimicrobial metabolite viz. HCN (0.035 DA625/ml) etc. and antimicrobial enzyme viz. pectinase, tributyrin hydrolase, gelatinase and cellulase. Besides, the organism inhibited growth of rice sheath blight (ShB) pathogen Rhizotocnia solani by 35.89%. The PGP and antimicrobial functionalities proved versatility of the P. aeruginosa (JE1) and potential for overall improvement/sustenance of rice health and production.

Author : Jayashree Rath and TK Dangar*