Influence of environment on characters association in rice hybrids and varieties

Character association and path analysis with 29 genotypes in rice hybrids and varieties over 3 environments revealed that grain yield significantly and positively correlated with plant height, 1000-grain weight, kernel length and breadth in most of the locations and on pooled basis. Number of grains per panicle exhibited a significant positive correlation with grain yield in one location, which indicated that relation between filled grains per panicle and yield was highly variable in comparison to other traits. Based on correlation coefficient and path analysis, productive tillers per plant, filled grains per panicle and 1000-seed weight were considered as prime yield components in hybrid rice and there should be a balance between yield and height, as the later is highly influencing indirectly yield potential in hybrids through panicle length and grain per panicle. The head rice recovery and kernel length were negatively correlated. The correlation between other quality parameters was highly variable with changing environment.