Efficiency of rice cultivars for zinc bio-fortification under red and lateritic soil condition

Zinc acquisition, utilization and efficiency in red lateritic soil condition (2.66 mg kg-1 DTPA extractable Zn) were studied in 25 selected rice cultivars. Results suggested that medium duration rice cultivars produced higher grain yield (66.74 q ha-1) followed by late (57.35 q ha-1) and early (30.01 q ha-1) duration. Zinc content was found 32.11, 31.75 and 28.75 mg kg-1 in paddy grains, which were 8.48, 15.66 and 10.28 per cent higher to its initial Zn content, respectively. Content of Zn in brown rice of medium duration rice cultivars were found significantly lower. BD-101an early maturity rice cultivars accumulated higher Zn, while Karhani-1, 2 and 3 (medium duration) showed better efficiency of Zn accumulation. Samba Mansuri in series of late maturity rice cultivars accumulated more Zn (42.67 mg kg-1) with application of 100 kg ZnSO4.7H2O in soil. In general late and medium duration rice cultivars exhausted>1.00 kg ha-1Zn as compare to early duration rice cultivars from the soil. Apparent Nutrient Recovery (ANR) of Zn by rice were found higher when Zn was applied as soil + foliar application and considerable build up of Zn was also noticed in post harvest soil.