Dr. Anjani Kumar

Dr. Anjani Kumar, is Senior Scientist in Crop Production Division of ICAR-National Rice Research Institute, Cuttack, Odisha, India. He has established relationship between soil water potential as measured by tensiometer and greenhouse gas emission (GHG) emission underrice ecology in Eastern India to estimate net global warming potential. An empirical modelbased on regression relationship of GHGs emission with key soil parameters was developed byhim to predict seasonal emissions of GHGs from rice fields. Morpho-physiological and biochemical insights for rice plant under elevated atmospheric CO2concentration and water deficit stress was elucidated. His research achievement on carbonsequestration, carbon and nitrogen mineralization under long term rice-rice system is widelycited. He has developed sensor based tools for irrigation scheduling like Customised Color Coded Tensiometer, NRRI-ARM sensor, Eco-friendly Irrigation alert system, customized leaf color chartfor real time nitrogen management, climate-smart resource conservation technologies, ureabriquette applicator, a visual diagnostic kit for identification of nutrient disorders and mobilebased apps like “riceXpert” and CsaXpert for better diagnosis of biotic and abiotic stress in rice. He has beenconferred with several awards like IPNI Award 2013, Nanaji Deshmukh Award, ARRW fellow for his work.