Dr. Prashantkumar S Hanjagi

Prashantkumar S Hanjagi is Scientist in Crop Physiology and Biochemistry Division of ICAR-National Rice Research Institute, Cuttack, Odisha, India. My research program is multidisciplinary in nature, combining physiology, molecular biology, and proteomics. Currently my research focuses on understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms mediating the response(s) of plants to abiotic stress (Salt, drought, heat, lodging, etc). I have expertise in automated high-throughput plant phenotyping in getting insight into genomic performance and plant-environment-interactions through non-destructive analysis of phenotypic traits of the major crops like maize, rice, wheat, and pulses. Within my group, during past years, we have attempted to characterize the role of candidate genes (NHX1 & AVP1) in improving tolerance to salt stress tolerance in rice.