Genetic variability and selection indices for grain yield in upland rice

Thirty two upland rice genotypes were assessed for study of genetic variability and construction of selection indices for enhancing selection efficiency. Observations on ten metric characters like days to 50% flowering, plant height, flag leaf area, panicle number, panicle length grain number, grain fertility %, 100 grain weight, harvest index and grain yield were recorded. The analysis of variance revealed the presence of considerable amount of variation among the test genotypes for all the characters. This was also supported by mean, range, GCV and PCV. Using grain yield as economic criterion, five selection indices were constructed. The relative efficiency of selection on the basis of selection indices is expected to increase upto 114.371%. On the basis of selection criteria, the promising genotypes selected were OR 1752-3, OR 1603-7, OR 2088-4, OR 2087-2, OR 1659-3, OR 2049-1, OR 2048-1, OR 2069-1, OR 2077-5 and OR 1920-7.