Effect of Phytohormones on growth and yield of rice

The influence of combined application of Azospirillum, Penshibao (a biochemical product) and growth regulators (Triacontanol, GA3 and Kinetin) on growth characters (plant height, number of tillers m-2 , LAI, Chlorophyll content and DMP) and yield parameters (number of panicles m-2, total number of grains panicle-1, number of filled grains panicle-1, thousand grain weight, grain yield-ha and straw yield-ha) were studied. Among the several treatments, seed soaking with Azospirillum (1200 g ha-1) and Penshibao 100 ppm + foliar spray of Penshibao 100 ppm at 30 DAT+Miraculan (Triacontanol) 500 ppm+GA3 5 ppm at 45 DAT significantly increased the growth characters and yield attributes. This was followed by seed soaking with Azospirilum (1200 g ha-1) and Penshibao 100ppm+Miraculan (Triacontanol) 500 ppm+GA3 5 ppm at 45 DAT. The increase in grain yield was up to 50.52% over control.