Studies on growth, yield and competition functions of rice and green gram under pure and mixed stands

The beneficial effect of intercropping of cereal (rice) and legumes (Green gram) with suitable row ratios studied under lateritic acidic soil condition of Visva-Bharati, West Bengal. Sole rice and green gram (Panna and PDM-84-139) recorded the maximum plant height, yield attributes and crop yields. Among the intercrops, rice crop sown with green gram at 2:1 row showed better performance than in other row ratios. The highest rice equivalent yield was observed at 2:1 ratio of rice+green gram cv. Panna but 1:1 ratio showed the highest benefit cost ratio. A minimum of 43.9% higher rice equivalent was observed under rice+PDM-84-139 green gram at 2:2 row ratio than rice alone. Competitive functions like relative crowding co-efficient, Land equivalent rati monetary advantage, area time equivalent ratio and relative value total were found maximum at 2:1 ratio of rice + green gram and green gram was found dominant crop in the intercropping systems.