Molecular characterization and diversity analysis of traditional and elite cultivars of rice using simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers

Molecular characterization and diversity analysis of thirty-two rice genotypes using 11 SSR primers were undertaken in order to further utilize these lines in the breeding programmes. The results revealed that 7 primers showed distinct polymorphism among the genotypes consistently. A total of 33 amplification products were obtained with all the selected seven primers. The number of alleles varied from 3 to 7 with a mean of 4.71. The PIC values of 7 primers varied from 0.1986 to 0.3038 with a mean of 0.2625. Cluster analysis based on SSR data revealed that the genotypes MTU-2077 and JGL-1798 were clustered at the two extremes based on their similarity coefficients. This information could be used in hybridization programmes for the improvement of rice.