Heterosis for quality traits in indica/indica hybrids of rice

Eighteen indica/indica hybrids produced by crossing three male sterile lines with six restorers were analyzed for various quality traits and mid parent heterosis and heterobeltiosis. For head rice recovery, IR 68886A x IR 21567 registered significant positive relative heterosis and heterobeltiosis. For kernel length only one cross viz., IR 58025A x IR 21567 possessed positive significant mid parent heterosis. Most of the indica/indica hybrids exhibited significant negative heterosis for water uptake and volume expansion ratio. Significant negative relative heterosis was recorded for gel consistency in all the hybrids except for IR 62829A x IR 29723. The relative heterosis and heterobeltiosis for amylose content were found to be negative indicating that the indica/indica hybrids in the present study had their amylose content less than their mid parent and better parent values