Quantitative and qualitative genetic analysis in segregating generation of high yielding rice cultivars

Combining ability study on grain yield, various yield components and selected grain quality traits of 9 x 9 diallel mating design (excluding reciprocals) indicated predominance of additive gene action for all the traits except plant height, net-assimilation rate, biological yield, harvest index and protein content (%). The parent HPR2047, VL93-3613, JD8, VL93-6052 and HPR1164 were good general combiners for grain yield, its components and grain quality characters. On the basis of specific combining ability effects, the cross combinations HPR2047 x JD8, China 988 x VL91-1754, HPR1164 x VLDhan221 and HPR1164 x HPR2047 are having high grain yield plant-1 and grain quality traits. These crosses and are suggested for isolation of high yielding transgresive segregants through pedigree method.