Community analysis of major plant parasitic nematodes associated with rice in Himachal Pradesh

Qualitative and quantitative analysis for plant parasitic nematodes associated with rice was made in 107 localities of seven districts of Himachal Pradesh, India. Study revealed the presence of six nematodes i.e. Meloidogyne graminicola, Helicotylenchus spp., Tylenchorhynchus spp., Pratylenchus spp., Hirschmanniella spp. and Criconematids in the rhizosphere of rice plants. M. graminicola was found to be most prevalent nematode species followed by Helicotylenchus spp., Tylenchorhynchus spp., Hirschmanniella spp., Pratylenchus spp. and Criconematids with prominence value of 159.7, 133.0, 123.8, 25.9, 11.6 and 7.3, respectively. The mean M. graminicola population in the roots was recorded ranging from 35.7 to 70.5 J2 and that of Hirschmanniella spp. from 5.5 to 10.5 individuals in 5g root. Aphelenchoides besseyi was found to be distributed in all the seven districts with mean population ranging from 45 to 60 individuals in 50 grains. Avoidable loss due to M. graminicola was estimated to be 8.3 percent.