Phenotypic stability for grain yield and its components in upland rice genotypes

Forty two early maturing rice genotypes were evaluated for yield performance over four diverse environments during dry and wet seasons. The stability analysis showed significance of linear component of variation for grain yield. The genotypes were grouped into four classes on the basis of their stability performance. The genotypes like Parijat, Suphala, Khandagiri, Badami, Ghanteswari, Annapurana, OR 1045-1-6, OR 929-3-2, OR 930-1-12, OR 1062-10-3, OR 1062-10-5, OR 929-3-11-3 and ORS 102-4 were found to possess high yield potential and stable performance over environments. The genotypes like Vanaprava and Udayagiri possess higher mean grain yield but low stability of performance indicating their suitability to favourable environments. The genotypes like Blackgora, N-22, Dular, Bhatta Sel. 2 had high level of stability but low yield potential indicating their adaptability to unfavourable environments. The stability yield performance of the genotypes was found to be associated with the stability of yield components like effective tillers m-2 and grains panicle-1.