Combining ability analysis for yield and component traits under salinealkali soil in rice

Combining ability study on grain yield and component traits from a line × tester analysis of 2 CMS lines and 20 testers, indicated that dominance gene effects were predominant for all the traits viz., seedling height, number of leaves seedling-1, days to 50 percent flowering, flag leaf length, plant height, panicle bearing tillers plant-1, panicle length, spikelets panicle-1, spikelet fertility, grain yield plant-1, test weight and harvest index. The line IR 58025A was found to be a good general combiner for grain yield and component traits. CSRC(S) 14-1-4-0 and IR 64 are also good combiner along with other traits. The tester parents NDRK 5094, IR 72048-B-R-2-2-2-1-B, CSRC(S) 14-1-4-0, NDR 9830119, Narendra Usar 3, 21-2-5-B-1-1, IR 71829-3R-73-1-2-B and IR 64 were judged as good general combiners for grain yield and its components. The crosses NMS 4A × IR 70023-4B-R-12-3-1-1-B, NMS 4A × PNL 1-8-5-17-2, IR 58025A × NDRK 5086, IR 58025A × NDR 9830119, IR 58025A × 21-2-5-B-1-1, NMS 4A × IR 64, NMS 4A × NDR 9830148, IR 58025A × IR 72048-B-R-2-2-2-1-B, NMS 4A × 22-2-B-2-1-1, NMS 4A × NDRK 5094, NMS 4A × 92-H51-4, IR 58025A × Narendra Usar 3 and NMS 4A × CSRC(S) 14-1-4-0 were good specific combinations for grain yield.