Incidence of Hysteroneura setariae Thomas in the North-Eastern Ghat zone of Orissa

Infestation of Hysteroneura setariae Thomas, the rusty plum aphid, is reported for the first time from Phulbani in Kandhamal district located in the to North-Eastern Ghat zone of Orissa, India during 2008-09. Apterous forms of H. setariae started infesting the panicles of F1 plants of ZHU 11-26 × DDR-121 during January, 2008 and gradually migrated to panicles of F1 plants of Geetanjali × ZHU 11-26 and Geetanjali × Saria during May, 2008. The infestation site of the aphids was restricted to panicles only at the beginning and gradually spreaded to the leaves. Similarly, the alate forms of the aphid were detected after 70 days of the first appearance of apterous aphids. Ratio of winged to wingless aphids, their size and extent of damage to leaves and panicles varied with time. Camponotus compressus and Solenopsis geminata were observed attending the aphids. Under severe infestation, the aphids caused about 90% chaffiness of grains.