Incidence of insect pests and natural enemies under SRI method of rice cultivation

Experiments were conducted during the second crop period of 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 at the Regional Agricultural Research Station, Pattambi Kerala using two rice varieties viz., Jyothi and the hybrid CORH 2 under normal system and system of rice intensification. The pooled result of two seasons revealed that stem borer was significantly lower in SRI (4.82% in Jyothi and 2.35% in CORH 2) during the vegetative phase compared to standard method of cultivation (9.75% in Jyothia and 9.85% in CORH 2), while at the reproductive phase there was no significant difference between the two systems of cultivation. The incidences of whorl maggot and caseworm were lower under SRI system but the incidence of leaffolder was higher in the crop under SRI than the standard system. The occurrence of natural enemies like spiders and larval parasitoids was
higher in SRI while damselfly population was lower in SRI system in comparison to the standardsystem of cultivation.