Genetic variability and improvement of long awned rice genotypes for areas vulnerable to elephant depredation

Genetic variability of traditional long awned rice genotypes were studied for improving their yield attributes with a view to alleviate the problems faced by the rice farmers in areas vulnerable to elephant depredation. Some of the long awned rice cultivars studied are AC-8105, AC-12152, ARC-12759, ARC-11410, ARC-3162, ARC-12806, AC-6019, AC-3159, BJ-1, AC-2605, AC-20389, AC-1054, ARC-14632, AC-8611 and ARC-11511. Ten breeding linels viz. Vandana x ARC 12806, Vandana x AC 12152, Pooja x AC 1054,Pusa Basmati x ARC 14632, Shatabdi x ARC 11511, Shatabdi x ARC 12806, Swarna x ARC 12759, Swarna x ARC 11511, Lalat x AC 12152 and Lalat x Tilak Chandan were identified with long awn and potential yield which can be adopted by the farmers in areas vulnerable to depredation by elephants.