Effect of organic and inorganic nutrition on soil and productivity of rice under rice-rice system

The effect of long term fertilization with organic and inorganic sources of nutrition on the grain yield, NPK uptake and availability under rice-rice system in alluvial soils was studied at Maruteru, Andhra Pradesh. Experimental results revealed that significantly higher grain yield of 5. 55 t ha-1 and 5.59 t ha-1 during wet and dry seasons, respectively was obtained with 100% recommended dose of NPK + Zn + S along with FYM at 5 t ha-1. N uptake of 76.35 kg ha-1 in wet season and 80.04 kg ha-1 in dry season, P uptake of 24.69 kg/ha in wet and 20-69 kg ha-1 in dry and K uptake of 20.28 kg ha-1 in wet seasonand 13.98 kg ha-1 in dry season were found significantly superior to all other treatments.