Heterosis studies using thermo-sensitive genetic male sterile lines in rice

Two-line breeding using thermo-sensitive genic male sterile lines (TGMS) is a better alternative for three-line breeding in rice in tropical region. Six elite TGMS line were crossed with eight diverse male parents. The resultant 48 hybrids were evaluated along with their parents and a standard check PA 6444 at three locations. Pooled analysis for heterosis revealed that grain yield was mostly due to simultaneous heterosis for different yield components. The crosses DRR 7S x EPLT 109R, DRR 22S x KMR 3R, DRR 17S x BCW 56R, DRR 6S x BCW 56R, DRR 20S x KMR 3R and DRR 1S x IR 58025B were found to be good based on their over all performance across the traits.