Effect of aluminium toxicity on protein content of rice plant

Experiments were conducted in the Department of Plant Physiology, B.C.K.V. to ascertain the intensity of damage in rice due to aluminium toxicity among the moderately resistant and susceptible cultivar IET-4094 and IET-4786, respectively. Changes in respect of protein, free amino acid and proline changes in root and shoot of the crop had been studied. It was observed that the above parameter decreased substantially with the increase
of aluminium i.e. from 0.1 mM to 0.6 mM as also with duration of exposure i.e. from 24 hour to 72 hour. However, the intensity of damage was less in IET-4786 compared to IET-4094. From the above result it might conclude that aluminium had damaging effect on protein synthesizing machinery as also on proline accumulation mechanism in both the cultivars of rice but effect was less with IET-4786 due to its inherent capacity to combat aluminium toxicity.