Preparation and functional properties of noodles prepared from raw and hydro-thermally processed rice

Attempts have been made to prepare noodles from brown and low-polished rice. Some of the functional properties of these rice noodles along with sensory profile of the respective raw forms are discussed in this paper. Water absorption index was low in noodles compared to their native form but water soluble index was reverse. Total and soluble amylose and thiamine reduced in respective noodles compared to their respective native form. Solid loss was less in steamed rice noodles compared to their native. Rice had low solubility index but noodles showed 30 to 50% higher value. Gelatinization temperature decreased with increase in polish. Peak viscosity, hot paste viscosity was high for raw rice compared to steamed brown rice. Cold paste viscosity increased with increase in degree of milling, break down was least in steamed brown rice. Steamed brown rice noodles had high viscosity compared to other types of noodles like under milled, steamed under milled and steamed highly polished rice noodles. Sensorial test of steamed brown rice noodles were better compared to raw rice noodles.