Influence of brown planthopper Nilaparvava lugens (Stal.) feeding on nutritional biochemistry of rice plant

Among the four rice varieties selected, viz., TN1, Basmati370, ASD16 and Ptb33, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, chlorophyll a and b, reducing sugars, protein and free amino acid content was more in susceptible varieties compared to resistant varieties. Whereas, potassium was found significantly more in resistant variety Ptb33. BPH feeding caused considerable reduction of all the nutrients in all four varieties tested at seven days after infestation, where, the reduction was more in Basmati370 and TN1 which indicates their susceptibility compared to PTB33 and ASD16. Reduction in potassium content was very marginal, which was less than one per cent in Basmati 370, ASD 16 and Ptb33. There was up to 41.6 per cent reduction in total chlorophyll in Basmati 370 whereas, the reduction was only 12.48 per cent in Ptb33. However, upon BPH infestation increase in free amino acid content was observed in all four varieties.