Development of power tiller operated seed drill for rice and pulse crop

A power tiller operated five row multi crop seed drill was developed which can be used for sowing paddy, green gram and black gram etc. The seed drill consists of a seed box, flutted roller type seed metering mechanism, ground wheel, two support wheels, shoe type furrow openers and hitching brackets. The machine is mounted at the back side of power tiller. It is attached to the power tiller through side hitching bars. It also remains attached with real wheel shaft of power tiller through clamp. It can be easily attached and detached from power tiller. It can be raised or lowered by rotating the rear wheel height adjusting lever of power tiller. Depth of sowing of machine is adjusted by raising or lowering the two side support wheel. Flaps provided below the flutted rollers are kept in downward position while sowing paddy seed and are kept upward when machine is used for sowing smooth seeds.The machine was tested for sowing paddy, green gram and black gram. Metering ground wheel skidding was 24 percent.The field capacity of machine observed was 0.15 ha hr- 1.

Author : S. P. Patel