Influence of organic farming on soil microbial diversity and grain yield under rice-wheat-green gram cropping sequence

In a long term field experiment, continuous enhancement in microbial populations of Actinomycetes, Bacteria, Fungi and BGA was recorded over the years due to the application of organic amendments with notable enhancement in dehydrogenase enzyme activity. Soil organic carbon contents were also found to be significantly increased due to organic farming over control as well as chemical fertilizer application. A significant enhancement in grain yield of rice and wheat (134%) was recorded due to the application of different organic amendments either applied alone or in combinations. The grain yield of rice (4.20 tonne ha-1) and wheat (4.14 tonne ha-1) obtained under combined application of four organic amendments was at par with recommended dose of chemical fertilizer.

Author : Y.V. Singh and Dolly W. Dhar