Quantification of yield loss caused by red stripe disease in rice

Field studies on effect of red stripe disease severity on yield components of rice under natural incidence levels indicated there was an increase in the per cent chaffy grains and discoloured grains based on the mean of four rice varieties viz. MTU-2077 (Krishnaveni), MTU-1001 (Vijetha), MTU-1010 (Cottondora sannalu) and MTU-3626 (Prabhath). Number of grains panicle-1 decreased from 159.69 to 153.99, grain weight 30 panicles-1 from 109.27 to 101.88 g and healthy grains from 67.5 to 61.41 per cent. Chaffy grains increased from 28.91 to 33.48 per cent and discoloured grains from 3.59 to 5.12 per cent. Roving survey conducted during wet season 2008 and 2009 in East and West Godavari districts of Andhra Pradesh revealed very low incidence of red stripe on all the varieties grown. Similarly moderate to severe incidence of red stripe was observed in both the districts during dry season 2008 and 2009