Integrated nutrient management in hybrid rice under terai zone of West Bengal

A field experiment was conducted during the dry seasons of 2010 and 2011 to study the response of hybrid rice to graded levels of NPK supplied through integrated nutrient management. Experimental results revealed that application of FYM (10 t ha-1) in combination with N100P22K41.6 or N140P31K58 produced significantly higher number of matured panicles and resulting in higher yield. Application of inorganic fertilizer level of N100P22K41.6+ FYM+ Zn produced the highest grain yield (9.13 t ha-1) which was at par with N100P22K41.6+ FYM at 10 t ha-1 and N140P31K58. The split application of potassium resulted in higher yield than its application only once. The higher net return (` 55226.00 ha-1) was recorded with application of N100P22K41.6+FYM (10t ha-1)+ZnSO4 at 25 kg ha-1. The application of NPK in higher level with FYM gave the highest nutritional uptake.

Author : Biplab Mitra