Combining ability analysis for yield and quality traits in indigenous aromatic rice

Combining ability analysis for ten yield and three grain quality traits was made among 48 crosses generated in a line x tester (L x T) fashion with 12 indigenous aromatic lines and 4 testers. The LxT interaction was significant for all the traits under study. The magnitude of specific combining ability variances was higher than that of general combining ability variance for all the traits under study indicating a major role of non-additive gene effect in controlling these traits. The lines Juhi Bengal 21, Jeera Battis, Kalanamak 6, Kalanamak 11 and Kalanamak 2 were found to be good general combiners for grain yield and related traits. Among best crosses showing high sca for grain yield plant-1, the cross BPT 5204 x Jeera Battis involves parents with good general combining ability for yield. The crosses BPT 5204 x Adamchini and Jaya x Kalanamak 11 involved parents with high x low general combining ability..