Utilization of biochemical and molecular markers for assessment of distinctness in rice varieties

Nineteen high yielding rice varieties were studied for morphological descriptors, total soluble protein, isozymes and RAPD molecular markers to determine distinctive features of each variety. In the present study out of 60 morphological descriptors 17 were monomorphic, 23 dimorphic and 20 found polymorphic. In six varieties namely Govind, Prasad, Pant Sankar Dhan 1, Pant Sankar Dhan 3, UPRI 95-17B, UPRI 92-133R and Saryu 52 were distinguished from rest of the varieties on the basis of different morphological discriptors. SDS-PAGE profile showed maximum number of bands (15) in Govind and Pant Dhan 6 and lowest number of bands (8) was obtained in Pant Dhan 10. On the basis of UPGMA cluster analysis of SDS-PAGE profile, variety Prasad was found distinct. A high degree of polymorphism was detected among the nineteen rice varieties through 12 random primers which generated a total of 68 bands with an average of 5.6 bands per primer. EO 1591, EO 1593, EO 1600 and EO 1602 generated unique bands in Pant Majhera Dhan 7, UPRI 95-17B, Govind and Pant Dhan 6, respectively. UPGMA cluster analysis revealed Pant Majhera Dhan 7 was highly diverse from other varieties.