Identification of sources of leaf blast resistance in rice in the mid hills of Himachal Pradesh

Sixty one rice genotypes included in coordinated trials were screened for leaf blast resistance under natural epiphytotic conditions adopting uniform blast nursery (UBN) pattern during wet season 2009 and 2010 at CSK HPKV Rice and Wheat Research Centre, Malan, Himachal Pradesh. Of these, twenty six genotypes were rated as resistant; twenty one as moderately susceptible while rest of the genotypes were found susceptible to leaf blast as per scoring procedures of standard evaluation system for rice on 0-9 scale. Twelve genotypes namely, SKAU 353, HPR 2555, HPR 2557, HPR 2143, HPR 2625 (DH(D)24), VL 30569, VL 7852, VL 31339, RCPL 1-116, VL 31452, VL 31451 and Sukaradhan consistently showed resistant reaction to leaf blast during both the years which may be included as donors in breeding programme for leaf blast resistance.

Author : Sachin Upmanyu